Monday, April 20, 2009

Adsense warning for Bloggers

I have a test blog which I use to test my blog layouts, gadgets and AdSense ad placement. Yesterday while I was testing with AdSense ad placement I posted couple of posts and placed maximum number of ads allowed in every page. Since AdSense did not show ads relevant to the contents I 'unhide' the blog (Usually I hide this blog because it does not contain anything worth reading of). Today when I checked the my blogger account there was a warning message next to the blog saying the blog was locked due to TOS violations. So next time when you play with AdSense ads be very careful otherwise your months/years of hard work may be blocked.

I removed all the AdSense gadgets from the blog and sent a request to Blogger to review the decision. Hope they will unlock it.


wilson said...

Hello Shankar i am new to bloggin.i will like you to teach me on how to make a good blog and also drive traffic to my blog.....i do not get well with the google adsense...
you can check one of my blog at and tell me what you think about it

Shankar said...

Hi Wilson, thanks for your comment. I am still newbie to blogging and getting little traffic to this blog. But I like to complete atleast 30 posts before promoting my blog. You can get blog ideas at

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