Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 tips for new blogger

I have started couple of blogs and blogging for a week or so. I did not have much content there, so I did not include the links here. I am still trying to figure out what niche should I market and pay attention to. It is not easy to choose a niche as you need in depth knowledge to write about it day after day. If you choose a broad subject/topic such as Gaming or Poker etc, you need to update your blog many times everyday to cover the thing happening in that field which is impossible for a part-time blogger.

I just started the blogs to practice few things; improve my writing style (which I know really sucks), convert my thoughts into writing and try to complete a blog within a fixed amount of time.

If you are also just started blogging or thinking about starting a blog here are few tips:

  • Don't start a blog on how to make money online, as there are numerous blogs, sites covering that topic. In this blog I am not telling you how to make money, I am just sharing my experience with you.
  • Spend a week or so to decide on what you want to write about, you should be able to write at least twice about that niche/subject. Make sure that niche/subject market is not too crowded.
  • When you are writing make sure there is no spelling mistakes or obvious grammatical errors. Use blogging tools to check your spelling before you post. Read about how to use Windows Live Writer to update your blog.
  • You need to develop a writing style to attract larger followers. The style should encourage the users to stick to your blog and read more instead of browsing for a minute and move on to another site.
  • If you are not done so already, start a blog to practice your skills (just like I did) and start posting. Without writing you can not improve your skills.

If you think you need someone to walk you through blogging and lead you step by step to prosperity checkout Blog Mastermind by Yaro Starak.

I will update this blog with every steps I take towards prosperity. Wish me luck.


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