Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to find the best and highest paying keywords

If you writing your blog to make some money then you must make sure proper and high paying google Adsense ads are displayed. Adsense usually display the ads based on the blog content. It looks for keywords and display ads that uses the same or similar keywords. So to make the most of Google Adsense ads you need Google to display the ads that pay more per click.

To find the best keyword for your blog based on current contents, go to Google Keyword Tool, click on 'Webiste content' and enter your site or blog name. Click on 'Get keyword Ideas'.

After the result are displayed, select 'Show All' in 'Choose columns to display' box. Now you can sort the display by clicking on the desired header. Below is the result for this blog. According to the results if I use keyword like 'stay at home mom' or similar (use it in blog title, inside the post a few times), the ads that displayed in my page will have more CPC.

You can also use the same tool for new keyword ideas too. Select 'Descriptive keywords or phrase' and go on from there.

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