Monday, April 6, 2009

Earn Extra Income Online Marketing your Affiliate

I signed up for Affiliate marketing last week and I also created few blogs. I added couple of posts to the blogs and added Adsense and Amazon Ad blocks. I earned $0.01 in the last couple of days thru Adsense. I hope that income grows in next few weeks. Since I have a full-time job I could not spend more than 30 minutes every day, but I am planning to add at least one post a day.

Last weekend I was also reading about site optimization, picking the right keyword, SEO etc, but I am thinking of not doing anything until I get 100 hits every day. My Adsense report shows I am getting anywhere from 10-40 hits per day.

I read that if some good blogs have link to my site, that will increase my site ranking in Search Engine. I haven't figured how to do that yet.

In the coming days I'll update my progress.

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