Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make the most out of AdSense - AdSense Tutorial Part I

If you already know what is Google AdSense then skip to Part II of this tutorial.

Google AdSense is a service from Google through which advertisers place their advertisements in Google's search results and in Ad publishers web site. AdSense is smart enough to decide when to publish a particular Ad and thus maximize the Advertiser's chance to get some revenue. In search results, AdSense displays only the Ads that are related to keywords being searched and in publisher's site it scans the content and shows only Ads that are relevant to the site.

Advertisers purchase the Ad spots thru Google AdWords service and publishers publish those ads thru Google AdSense service. Advertisers work with AdWords and decide how much they want to pay for each click (CPC) and when these ads get clicked in a publisher's web site then the publisher share CPC paid by advertisers with Google. This makes everyone involved happy because publisher and Google get the money per click and the advertiser got a potential customer in their site.

Now to get started with AdSense, first you need a web site or Blog; if you don't have one create a Blog with, it is very easy. After you have a web site or Blog ready, sign up with Google AdSense. Usually you get approved quickly, but some times it takes couple of days. After you are approved follow these step by step process to place an Ad in your site or blog. If you are using then you don't need to go through that process. In your account page go to the 'Layout' section and add an AdSense widget, and everything else is taken care by Blogger.

Before or after placing the Ads, you can customize it by choosing the color, font and format of Ads. But for most of the Ads Google won't let you change the font size. Google has this restriction to make sure that people don't make their Ads stand out in a way that suggest the visitors to click on them. Google says they want the visitors to click on an Ad only when they are really interested in what the Advertiser has to offer.

When you add AdSense Ads in your site, please make sure that you don't over do it. Google don't like sites with too many Ads and less content, read about my personal experience in AdSense warning for Bloggers post. Some times there is a chance that you get permanently banned from AdSense for repeated offense.

Now let us see how we can make money from AdSense. To make a decent income from AdSense you need lot of visitors to your site, and to attract visitors you need to produce good content and post often. According to online statistics less than 1% of your visitors click on an Ad and thus bring you an income. But when you place the Ads in key locations in your web page and blend them well with your content, you may be able to increase that click rate to 3%.

In the on coming days I'll talk about how to optimize your Ad to get better click rate.


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