Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Increase Traffic to Your Site - Search Traffic vs Social Traffic

Even if you have good content in your blog, increasing the traffic to your site may not happen overnight. It takes time, week or sometimes month. You can speed up the process by submitting your site or blog to popular online directories, search engines etc. You can also promote your blog by publishing your article in well known sites such as,, etc. You can also post comments with link to your own blog, in popular blogs in your niche.

If you are monetizing or planning to monetize your blog, then the increased traffic (called social traffic) from the above methods may not help. The people who visit from these social sites are mostly interested in what you got to say and most likely not click on any advertisements. So even though you get very high traffic you are not going to make good money from the google ads. Also unless you post regularly to those social sites you may lose your traffic over a period of time.

The people who usually click on google ads are mostly who come from the search engine such as google, yahoo or MSN. They read your contents if they find it interesting then they either go back to search results or click on an interesting ad and exit your page. So if you are interested in monetizing your blog most of your traffic should come from search engines.

So how would you increase the search engine traffic to your blog?, you need to do lot of search engine optimizations (SEO) to get your blog listed near the top for your niche related search. SEO is a huge topic which I will write about later.

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